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        How to soldier UHF PL-259 to RG8x Coax Cable

        How to soldier UHF PL-259 to RG8x Coax Cable No. 2

        *** A better way to install PL - 259 connectors on RG - 8X   Fastest, Reliable & Easiest

        PL-259 Installation Made Easy for RG213

Su    Superior PL-259 installation SHORT Quick and Easy LMR-400

        *** What is SSB USB and LSB modes

        *** Why we use AM and SSB on shortwave

        *** When to use different modes AM FM USB LSB CW

        *** Want to learn a lot about Ham Radio This guy is awesome - Unique content and exclusive information -  Subscribed to his youtube channel

        How to set SSB Gain Control

        Logbook of the World "LOTW" from Valerie Hotzfeld 3 videos helping to install setup configure LOTW

        Build a Coax Tester  Dave Tadlock show you how to build and inexpensive coax tester that really works

        How to guy an antenna by yourself  a temporary inverted V for 20/40M

        1:1 Balun for HF Dipole Antennas ( See the "Baluns Ununs Toroids" section for more )

        Ugly Balun 10 - 80 mtr. (RF Choke)  ( See the "Baluns Ununs Toroids" section for more )

        How to solder two wires end to end

        How To Solder - Intro/Joining Stranded Wires

        How to straighten 10g copper wire the easy way

         Ask Dave Episode 1: Antenna Analyzers  Go here for the complete series of videos - Great for new hams *

        * If you enjoy Dave Casler's ke0og "Ask Dave" videos, go to his website http://dcasler.com/ham-radio/ for additional guidance  

        Ham Nation Episode 1 of hundreds a great Ham Radio web programs very entertaining & educational

        HAM Radio Basics- HAM 101 For anyone interested in becoming a HAM

        Basics of Using an MFJ Antenna Analyzer by W5LA

        How to setup your ham shack

        Ground Resistance Measurement, Fall potential method * Good info

        How to Ground Your Ham Radio Stan " W1GV" has many great informative videos, this is only one

        Station Grounding for Amateur Radio Excellent video

       Truth about Lightning / Surge Arrestors  How to ground your antenna Article

        Velocity Factor of Coax Fact and Fiction Article

        Ham Radio Station Grounding, Lightning Protection

        Ground Radials

        Grounding and RFI

        Grounding - Ground Resistance Measurement

        Getting started on Ham Radio 2M FM A must for new hams

        How To Use An Antenna Tuner

        LDG AT100 Pro II Auto Antenna Tuner

        130 Watt Dummy Load

        Dipole and Vertical Center Insulators  A few tips and suggestions

         How To Identify Electronic Components

Ham Radio Articles

Entertaining and educational articles from a few masters of amateur radio

All articles originally presented by QSL.NET

Date Click on the Title Author/Presenter
6 Jan 2016 Lightning! John Stucka, N3JM
4 Nov 2015 Video report, Ham Radio Now-2015:
Dayton DX Forum Part 3 - K1N Navassa
Pete Rimmel, N8PR
4 Nov 2015 Video by Pete, N8PR,
FT5ZM DXpedition Pileup - 1/14
Pete Rimmel, N8PR

27 Oct 2015

Propagation - It's not always FreeSpace [to GCARA]

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

Oct 2015

QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica-VI - Propagation from the Ground Up

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

Oct 2015 Using Digital Modes on the Fly: Checklists  [to QCWA and DCARC] Kai Siwiak, KE4PT
2 Sept 2015 ZF2EM DXpedition report  Pete Rimmel, N8PR
2 Sept 2015 OZ1AA-NA-bike-trek report Pete Rimmel, N8PR

8 July 2015

Landline and Radio Telegraphy  History and Exhibit.

Robert Feeny, KG4UGG

26 May 2015 Amateur Digital Modes the Easy Way
[to GCARA]
Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

6 May 2015

Update: “Amateur Radio at the National Hurricane Center WX4NHC”

Julio Ripoll, WD4R

Apr 2015

QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica-V - Urban Propagation

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

9 Mar 2015

Grayline Propagation, or FL Cocos Keeling on 80m - WWROF webinar

Ed Callaway, N4II

5 Mar 2015

DXlab Logging Software   and  
Report on
CQ DX Marathon

Norm Alexander, W4QN

30 Jan 2015

JT65: DXing with Joe Taylor - SFDXA Forum, Miami Hamfest

Pete Rimmel, N8PR

7 Jan 2015

A New Zealand QRP Adventure

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

7 Jan 2015

W1AW/4 at N8PR: Station & RTTY operations

Pete Rimmel, N8PR

Oct 2014

QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica-IV - loop near fields

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

3 Sept 2014

ARRL Centennial Report and
WRTC report

Pete Rimmel, N8PR 

Sept 2014

First ever EME operation from US Virgin Islands - QST September 2014

Pete Rimmel, N8PR, and Bill Druzilla, NZ5N

15 July 2014

Broward County ARES/RACES meeting; Improvised Antennas for Emergencies

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

9 July 2014

Out of this World Antenna Measurements

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

9 July 2014

Scouting and Ham Radio

Shelly Weil, K2BS

7 May 2014

Hi Performance RX Antenna for a Small Lot

Carlos DaSilva, N4IS

Apr 2014

QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica-III - Hiker dipole

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

5 Mar 2014

ARRL at 100 - A century of Ham Radio, Video


8 Jan 2014

Two months of solar activity

Rich Rosen, K2RR

Dec 2013

QST: How Much “Punch” Can You Get from Different Modes?

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT, and Bruce Pontius, N0ADL

8 Nov 2013


Sebastian Acosta, W4AS

8 Nov 2013

Remote Base Operation: RemoteShack

John Troy, KI4YUM

Oct 2013

QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica-II - Wave-interference

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

4 Sep 2013

80m Grayline Propagation:  FL Cocos Keeling

Ed Callaway, N4II

10 Jul 2013

Inside: Decommissioned VOA, Delano CA

Rich Rosen, K2RR

Apr 2013

QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica - The Big Solar Picture

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

6 Mar 2013

Running Your First CQ DX

Mike Raskin, W4UM

9 Jan 2013

Easy Digi Easy RTTY

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

11 Jul 2012

Photos and news: Dayton 2012 Hamfest

Don Drennon, N4TZH

11 Jul 2012

Experiences of ARRL and W1AW visit

Pete Rimmel, N8PR

Jul 2012

QRP-Quarterly: Loop antenna efficiency

Kai, KE4PT, and Amir, K9CHP

2 May 2012

Video: Virtual tour of ARRL HQ

David Fowler, K4DLF

Apr 2012

QRP-Quarterly: KE4PT Off-Center-End-Fed dipole and DX go bag station  also: OCEF ADDENDUM

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

2 Nov 2011

Tower Safety, Coax & RF Fittings, Network Analyzers

Mark Lavallee, AC4UV

8 Oct 2011

Dinner and Presentation on DX his activities

Vladimir Bykov, UA4WHX

12 Jul 2011

Lightning Strike and EMP at KE4PT

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

4 May 2011

The Ins and Outs of eQSL.cc

Dave Morris, N9UF

Nov 2010

Enjoy DXing with a Modest Station in CQ DX Marathon

Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

5 May 2004

Making a Low Band (160 m) Loop

Pete Rimmel, N8PR






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